Comparision Between Kangen And other Ionizers

Kangen Water Ionizer is best than others Ionizer:-
Kangen sets the Gold Standard that’s why it cost more.
Kangen is the best it sets the Gold Standard.
It does not do the micro-clustering.
It does not change the PH.
It doesn’t have ORP’s.
Other ionizer will stop working after a few months or a year.
It doesn’t have the same plates that Kangen has.
Other  company will go out of business and you wont be able to buy the filters for it But in Kangen Filters are in Built.

First off, all water Ionizer companies are Assembly Manufacturers with the exception of Enagic. Enagic (Kangen water) is the only Ionizer Company that does not outsource any of their products. They are all made in-house. All Assembly Manufacturers, on the other hand, outsource their parts from different regions- typically Korea and Taiwan and then are assembled in Korea, Japan or other places.

Solid plates are thicker and better constructed which means many years of trouble free use and because they are solid and smooth, that reduces the tendency of calcium and other tough minerals to get wedged in or stick simply because the plates are smooth.

Mesh Plates increases the surface area of its plates thus improving its performance but only by slight variations.


kangen and othr ionizers    

Start with the easy things, warranty and return policy. A longer warranty and longer return policy is better. Kangen Provide the warrenty of 5 years


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